Rescue the Dog

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Heartsfield: Rescue the Dog
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The first studio recording from the contemporary Heartsfield, featuring great new tracks and revisiting some old favorites.

Rescue the Dog is the first all-new album from Heartsfield since 1973, as the band was put back together in 2000 by one of the original founders, Perry Jordan, who got the fellers back in the studio.

Recorded more in the tradition of the first album, Rescue the Dog features blazing guitars, mandolin, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and huge harmonies.

The songs were all penned by Jordan and the new band is full of great musicians. Recorded at Studio Chicago, the album takes a straight-forward approach by not relying on big production, but hot pickin' and good songs.

Perry Jordan writes about his tracks:

"Temptation" lyrically is about restraining from some of the seductive temptations we all face in marriage and life. Musically, it reaches into roots music.

"Can't You See" takes on a very cool aura of its own with a dream-like mood that will capture you. With some mystical slide guitar playing and big vocals, this song is a movie waiting to happen.

"Just So Hard To Do It" is a hard rockin' let's go tune. With guitar jammin' similar to Lynard Skynard or The Outlaws, the song is about being happy, following your dreams in this modern life, and blazes on.

"Change My Tune," one of Heartsfield's most requested songs, is a glimpse at a point we all face, when we have to take a look at how hard we party through life and slow 'er down a bit.

"Just That Wind" a true folk rock song that takes a journey to jam land and back. Feelin' free and livin' that way is the theme and the music makes ya feel that way. This one will let you know Stephen Stills was Perry's mentor.

"Forever Has An End" is a haunting ballad about losing love and features the great harmonica player Corky Siegal, who just makes the song drip with soul.

"Can't Have It All" is a low-down hoe-down with mandolin, dobro, and hot country pickin'. Can't feel bad while this track is on. Jam Grass was always part of Heartsfield anyway.

"See You In My Dreams" is a song about the many, many miles of being on the road and thinking about the loved ones back home. This is a guitar army wall of pickin' that drives on hard.

"Roll With The Punches" another hard driver will get ya movin' and groovin' with some plain ole' rock and roll guitar funk. Add in some hard singing female vocalists, and the boys are taking no prisoners here.

"Music Eyes," originally done on the first album but re-recorded for this disc, was the Heartsfield anthem that is a thank you song to their fans. Big guitars, big vocals the tune is a good mixture of all Heartsfield was and is about.

"Rescue The Dog," the title track, is the true story of a very, very funny dog rescue. It is a hidden track that only comes on 2 minutes after the last song on the track list, "Music Eyes." (There have been lots of surprised folks when they just let the CD player roll... Ya'll gonna get a good laugh on this one.)

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Track List

  • Temptation / 5:15
  • Can't You See / 6:43
  • Just So Hard To Do It / 5:21
  • Change My Tune / 4:45
  • Just That Wind / 9:30
  • Forever Has an End / 5:30
  • Can't Have It All / 4:02
  • See You In My Dreams / 4:56
  • Roll With The Punches / 5:46
  • Music Eyes (with Rescue the Dog) / 14:47
  • Total Running Time: 66:35
    All Tracks by Perry Jordan

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