Okay, the legalese in the actual forzandoArts Terms of Service can be daunting, so here's what it means in plain English.

What can I do when I purchase a product with forzandoArts Electronic License?

MP3 Licenses
You may make copies of the MP3 file or files you recieve for your own use on each computer, MP3 player, or other electronic device you own. You may also burn copies of the MP3s to CDs which you will personally use. However you may not distribute, gift, or sell these CDs or MP3 files unless you transfer all copies in your possession to the other party.; For instance, you may place copies of the MP3 on your computer and your phone, and burn a CD for your car, but you shouldn't give a copy to your friend. If it's good enough to share, please buy another recording and support the production of more music that you can enjoy.

Individual Licenses
You may make ONE hard copy of the electronic product you recieve for your own use, and make any reasonable additional hard copies you need to effectively use it. For instance, you may print out the piece of music for yourself to use, and then make an extra copy of page 5 to facilitate an easier page turn.

Ensemble Licenses
You may make ONE SET of hard copies of the electronic product you receive for ONE ENSEMBLE within your organization. For instance, if you are a director of bands at a high school, you may print one set of parts for your advanced band class. This gives you great flexability: If you have a large clarinet section, then print extra clarinet parts, no problem! You may not, however, print parts for both your advanced band and your intermediate band at the same time, even if both bands will be performing the piece together. If you need parts for both bands at the same time, you will need to purchase a second ensemble license.

I've paid... Where's my download link?

When your payment clears, you should recieve an order confirmation e-mail including direct links to download your purchased files.If it is not there, you may log in to your account to check your order status and download purchased files.

If you believe your payment went through but your download links have not appeared, please contact us and we will help you. Please include the following information:

  • The name on the order
  • Date of the order
  • Order number
  • The catalog numbers of the products you purchased with electronic license

My computer crashed and I need to print new parts for tomorrow's concert, what do I do?


Okay, just kidding. Please contact us and include as much of the following information as you can:

  • Your name
  • The name on the order
  • Date of the order (approximate is fine)
  • Order number
  • The catalog numbers of the products you have lost

Once we verify your order in our archives, we will send new electronic downloads to you.

I am moving to a new organization, may I transfer my electronic licenses to the new organization?

Yes, but you must also transfer all hard copies associated with your electronic licenses.

I am organizing a symposium or event with ensembles composed of musicians from several organizations, may I "borrow" an electronic license from one of those organizations?

No — HOWEVER — please contact us and we will make a special reduced rate (possibly even free!) depending on the particulars of your event.

Any electronic licenses purchased by other organizations are licensed only to those organizations, and may not be used for for another composite ensemble of musicians from other organizations.

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