Two Songs for Six or Eight

Cover of Two Songs for Six or Eight
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2 octave handbells - Level 2

Composed by John C. Dare.

These two easy pieces work for six or eight ringers; six ringers use only the treble clef notes. The A section of "A Little March" has the melody in the lower treble clef bells with very easy eighth notes in the upper bells; a moving bass line throughout and RTs for all bells on the final chords add to the interest. "El Paso" also has the melody in the lower treble bells; with only six ringers this melody also functions as a moving bass line; the bass clef notes for ringers 7 and 8 use dotted half notes to add a moving bass line. There are no bell changes; the easy eighth notes require the classification of Level 2. There are no page turns within any individual piece. Although both titles are suitable for bells or chimes, they are more effective with bells.

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