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Stone Soup

Cover of Stone Soup
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2, 3 octave handbells - Level 1

Reproducible Music

Composed by Kathleen L. Wissinger.

A bright new concept in first ringing experiences, "Chord Stories" allow non-ringers (Level Zero!!) to learn their parts on-the-spot and then to confidently perform an engaging presentation: a narrative with characters brought to life by 2 to 18 or more ringers playing chords and patterns representing different characters using 2 or 3 octaves. "Stone Soup" is a European/Scandinavian folktale dating to 1720 introducing the characters of The Traveler, Iron Pot, Stone, Villagers and Food. It's also known as "Nail Broth" popularized by the Danny Kaye Tells Six Stories From Faraway Places album. Characters may be taught by rote or by using the Set-Up sheets which show the notated pattern. All materials are included (Set-Up Sheets, Instructions, Narration, Record sheet) and you may reproduce these materials as needed. A wonderful first-ringing experience for young children as well as a fun work-up for a talent show and a valuable tool for School Programs and Music Conferences, "Stone Soup" can be used again and again to introduce each new generation to the joy of ringing.

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