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All Glory Ring Hosannas

Cover of All Glory Ring Hosannas
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5 octave handbells

Composed by Anne Hartley.

Two short tunes, an introit ("All Glory, Ring Hosannas") and a benediction response ("God Be With You" (Randolph tune)), comprise this work. The introit is for general use or Palm Sunday. "All Glory, Ring Hosannas" should be played "with spirit"; it begins with the melody rung in octaves and moves to a few chords. The texture is very thin; often only two or three notes are ringing. The end of the introit consists of whole notes in the treble and syncopated half notes in the bass. A dynamic marking of fortississimo ends the piece. "God Be With You" has a tempo marking of quarter = 80 and has 10 measures of introduction before the melody is introduced. The texture is a little bit thicker in this arrangement and it builds dynamically from mezzo forte to fortissimo and back to mezzo forte in the final measure. Almost no techniques are used in either piece.

Best For

  • Palm Sunday

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