Joy To The World

by Daniel M. ReckDaniel M. Reck
Joy To The World (Cover)
Joy To The World (Cover)Joy To The World (Page 1)Joy To The World (Page 2Joy To The World (Page 3)
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Christmas sheet music featuring bell tree in handbell solo/duet/trio/quartet with keyboard accompaniment / M
[solo handbells C#5-D7, bell tree, mallets, piano or organ]
PDF Sheet Music: fz Individual License (One license includes separate handbell and keyboard parts.)

This approachable arrangement of "Joy To The World" by Daniel M. Reck is perfect for an experience handbell musician seeking to expand their repertoire to include bell tree. Indended as ornamental accompaniment to hymn singing, the bell tree solo part features two different verses that compliment this favorite Christmas hymn.

Additional handbell musicians can turn the arrangement into a duet, trio, or quartet, ringing the second part from the table. No duplicate pitches are necessary, and in quartet configuration no table is required for small ensembles making their musical offering in a smaller space.

Musicians assembling a handbell tree for the first time may wish to consider the forzandoArts Heavy Duty Bell Tree Stand and Bell Tree Separator Clips to ease their performance.

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