Georgia Flyer

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Perry Jordan: Georgia Flyer
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Heartsfield's center man, Perry Jordan, has produced this album of "Southern swamp" and "Memphis sound."

Full of fiddle, mandolin, dobro, piano, washboard, jaw harp, acoustic guitar, slide electric guitars, this CD is Perry Jordan's best writing yet and will take you on a trip down south to rockin' the way they do it down yonder.

A word from Perry Cordell Jordan, producer and artist:

"It has been a 30-year dream of mine to do a full record at my home and it's finally come true. With a studio in the house I started writing and recording away. Thanks to the songwriting goddess, goll dern it, she was still with me.

"I decided to get back to my roots a bit more on this CD and let that Georgia soul come out, sort of a Southern swamp/Memphis sound. It felt really great to reach into that part of my soul. I wanted the music to feel down-home and straight-forward; you size it up and see if it worked. I decided early on that I wanted to do almost all of the recording in pajamas; a young lady even gave me a set of monogrammed 'RECORDING JAMS' so at least 95% of the CD was done in PJ's, hmmm, sort of fits with my dern initials don't it!! Now I know it sounds crazy but that was just one more way to keep it as down-home as possible plus they are my favorite garments. So it was me in Pj's, the studio, dogs, fireplace, candles, tons of sandwiches/bolied peanuts, a little tonsil paintin' and many many late hours working away like a mad scientist. WHAT A GAS!!

"I was lucky to have many many great players help me out. Three drummers, 2 bass players, 3 guitar players, fiddler, piano dude and a young beautiful fine singin' gal. The fiddler toured with Brookes & Dunn for years and has become a good friend and as you will hear the boy can saw. Steve, Scotty, Elmer & Dave from the new Heartfsield play their butts off. You'd swear they had just gotten a good ass whoopin' with a switch out back of the smoke house--maybe we should just call 'em the Smoke House Boys from now on!! A feller I have been writing & recording with for pert near 30 years ole' Phil (Sweetwater) Lucafo from the original Heartsfield, brought back some of the magic voodoo he do, so well. Most of the bass thumpin' was handled by Bob Teske who laid 'er down in a down right Memphis fashion, to an extreme degree. After returning from playing in Europe, Melissa Rose sang a tune with me and she has a voice like warm honey poured over a hot biscuit. I co-wrote a song with a gal I have been working with for the last 3 years, Carol Turner, and it's a fine one. I am proud to be her friend; she's purty and has a way with words. Bucket is a song that I, along with Phil Lucafo and Mississippi Stash "our old vegetarian band grub slinger" wrote almost 25 years ago one night on Tequila and some very, very mind-altering substances. Yes, we used to travel and live with a vegetarian cook who tried to keep us healthy while we were touring, UUMMM!! peanut/soy burgers with a side of organic sprouts, smothered in goat cheese. The artwork was done by an old, old friend, Tony Griff, (even wears a beret & paints naked women). He also toured with us doing lights and eating peanut/soy burgers. Filling it out pounding on the ivorys is Scott Stevenson, part-time HF acoustic trio player and all-around straw boss of the keys, then ole' Matt Daley another tubb pounder (no relation to Ernest) with some cajun connection of sorts. And of course easy-on-the-eyes Shannon, that purveyor of recordin' PJ'S. Good to know a gal tough enough to do a little butt kickin' once in a while!

"The songs turned out to hold a lot of my life in them; some are brutally honest but I wanted them that way. It kind of amazed me once I put pen to paper how much of that came out but those magic times when the songs come, you just, if your smart, sort of ride on with the flow. This is my first solo project but the old Heartsfield sound and vibe never gets far away. It feels like I have turned a corner and have found more of a home in this sound and vibe, as you know, sometimes finding yourself can be one of the hardest damn things to do. Lots of great guitar playing and fiddlin', heartfelt vocals and songs of the joys & pit falls of lovin' & livin'. I hope you find them interesting and entertaining. I think this will turn out to be my best work yet at least until the next one. Heck I think you'll love the doggone thing!!!!!!!!

"If I can help make you smile, dance, sing, feel and think that's the real reward for me. I guarantee if you put this CD on at a party, on a boat, in the hot tub, cruising the highway or at the ole' pig roast it will get the smiles a flowin', the toes a tappin' and take away any blues that maybe hangin' around. If you're feelin' a bit down or bewildered by this ole' world it'll make you feel you have a friend right there by your side who understands.

"Stay with me my friends, you're all I really need."

Track List

  • Georgia Flyer / 5:43
  • The Sway / 5:53
  • Bucket By My Bed / 3:19
  • You Baby / 4:36
  • I Used To / 3:24
  • Deficit of Soul / 5:57
  • Breaking Out / 4:00
  • Open Road / 6:23
  • Total Running Time: 39:15
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