The Wonder of it All (Signature Series)

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Heartsfield: Wonder of it All (Signature Series)
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Heartsfield's second album, from 1974, continues their new Signature Series.

Heartsfield's second album was recorded as the band was touring like mad. The boys rented a house in a small Illinois town and moved into an average 1973 American middle-class neighborhood—what a surprise for everybody.

Perry Jordan, the band's leader says, "Here come 12 long-haired musicians, cooks, roadies, and producers with a small army of trucks, motorcycles, stereos and women making for a grand new addition to local population. One thing for sure, the only distractions were at the band house—guess that was the idea.

"On top of that the studio was a great one for sure but of all things specialized in Christian music. The title track, 'The Wonder Of It All,' won a mention in jazz music journal Down Beat Magazine as having a great jazz feel in the song."

This is when Heartsfield started to make more use of different instrumentation such as keyboards, synthesizers, harmonica, horns, banjo, pedal steel, and anything else they could find. This was also the first time they carried a vegetarian cook on the crew, and every night you could find a bunch of wild-eyed fellers at the local burger joint a couple of hours after dinner.

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