All Over the Place

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
All Over The Place
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The first live-performance recordings of Heartsfield, released by request of adoring fans.

Their fans spoke and Heartsfield listened, so the newly-reformed band released its first live CD. The requests came from all the venues they were playing so they decided to include concerts, clubs, live radio performances and throw in their latest studio recording.

Since this covered all the bases, it is a real look at the fellers just a pickin’ and burnin’ up the stage and air waves.

From the festivals...

All Over The Place starts out with two concert tracks at a show the band did at a warm summer outdoor festival. "Drummer Boy," written by Fred Dobbs, with electric guitars smoking and the banjo kickin’ in, is a toe-tapper for sure. "Just That Wind" is from the same concert, and takes a ride down the ole’ jammin’ highway again, letting the band run wild and free.

From the clubs...

We then move on to the legendary club in Berwyn, Illinois, FitzGeralds, one of those magic places Heartsfield came across on the road.

"The Only Time I’m Sober Is When Your Gone" is a favorite sing- along tune where the band and the audience join in together and raise the roof in fun, rowdy singin’. The folks sang well, too, harmonies and all. Heartsfield fans are not shy, that's for sure.

"Racin' The Sun" has always created a special bond between the band and the audience and this version is no exception. Sweet melody and a great romp through rhythm and guitar pickin' takes us on a musical journey together.

"Hush-A-Bye," from the first album, makes the smiles happen and the dancin' start. One of the band's favorite tunes.

"With These Tools." If you like a hoe-down, grab-you-by-the- soul, foot stompin' tune, this is one of the best. Take a bit of bluegrass pickin', mix in some soulful vocals with a good dose of energy, and Tools is what you get.

From live radio...

The band loves to visit radio stations before a show and hang loose, yacking, and playin' some tunes. The songs are done with acoustic instruments around a few mics and were actually the beginning of the Heartsfield acoustic shows. These tracks were heard on KHITS in St. Louis and WWHP in Farmers City, Illinois.

"Just That Wind" by request with a very cool acoustic twist. "House of Living" come on inside and feel the wooden music. "Can't Have It All" take it on down home and feel the spirit. "Tour Bus" is the fellers havin' some fun with "Pork Radio Boy," a friend of the band. Many of ya might recall Pork and the Havana Ducks Band, that's the Pork we're talking about here. The guy is funny and a few laughs are good for ya!

From the studio...

"Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant," written right after 9/11, was a good release for some pent-up frustration and a bit of pride. The song has a great groove and hits pretty hard with some mean slide guitar sound and a huge group of folks singing strong. The tune does its job.

Track List

  • Drummer Boy (Concert Recording) / F. Dobbs / 5:43
  • Just That Wind (Concert Recording) / P. Jordan / 9:45
  • The Only Time I'm Sober is When You're Gone (Club Recording) / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 5:14
  • Racin' The Sun (Club Recording) / P. Jordan / 10:34
  • Hush-A-Bye (Club Recording) / F. Dobbs / 6:18
  • With These Tools (Club Recording) / F. Doobs / 10:57
  • Just That Wind (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 8:12
  • House of Living (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 5:14
  • Can't Have It All (Live Radio Acoustic Recording) / P. Jordan / 4:16
  • Tour Bus / 0:58
  • Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant (Studio Recording) / P. Jordan / 4:25
  • Total Running Time: 71:36

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