The Writer's Tapes

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Heartsfield: The Writer's Tapes
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Take a tour of Heartsfield behind the microphones during the songwriting process.

Here is a collection of recorded songs from behind the scenes at Heartsfield. Songs grow from the intimacy of the writer with an idea, an instrument and an inspiration. These inspirations come from the emotions of living, experiences, or imagination; they are a songwriter's life-blood and treasure.

These songs were recorded at various studios, at various stages of the production process, and many times the original demos or pre-production recordings captured more of the energy, emotion, innocence, and rawness that the artists felt from the initial inspiration

Heartsfield has a long history of songwriting and recording and we wanted to share with our friends and fans a look at what made us groove, laugh, cry, sweat, get frustrated and keep on workin’ to write the best next song we could. These songs are not polished album productions (although most were recorded in pro studios), but they are real looks at where songs start, the times of experimentation, creating just for the fun of it, and letting it flow with no corporate pressure to make a commercial hit.

The recordings were created from 1977 to 1999 at different locations, with different producers and engineers, some were even done by the band itself at their own studios. So please enjoy these inspirations and grooves and join in our world a bit.

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Track List

  • Change My Tune / P. Jordan / 5:42
  • Better Days* / P. Jordan & F. Dobbs / 5:33
  • Chicago's Got The Country* / P. Jordan / 4:34
  • The Only Time I'm Sober's When You're Gone / P. Jordan & P. Lucafo / 3:42
  • It's Love* / P. Jordan / 3:59
  • Forever Has An End / P. Jordan / 5:32
  • True Love* / P. Jordan & F. Dobbs / 4:03
  • Temptation / P. Jordan / 4:59
  • 200 Hearts* / P. Jordan & A. Baldacci / 5:02
  • Roll With The Punches / P. Jordan / 4:53
  • Something Ain't Right* / P. Jordan & Pirate / 4:59
    * these songs not previously released
  • Total Running Time: 52:58

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