Here I Am

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Heartsfield: Here I Am
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Heartsfield's sound makes the next evolution but touches its roots, featuring Jim Peterik and Take 6.

Rock legend Jim Peterik (Survivor and Ides of March) joins up with Heartsfield's front man Perry Jordan on the latest release, Here I Am. The album features the next evolution of the Heartsfield sound while still tapping its classic roots. Fan favorite "Magic Eyes," originally performed on the first self-titled album in 1973, has a whole new sound in a new recording from Grammy-winning vocal jazz group Take 6.

From the album jacket:

"The magic of making music over the years has come in many ways, always special, but always different. On this project, we took a road more in tune with a communal spirit–sharing, exchanging, and collaborating with a mixture of songs, musicians, singers, and writers–filling these tracks with a creative energy and joy that you can feel. Since music is above of all else fun, these songs represent a lot of laughs, excitement, heavy thinking, and folks opening up their souls to each other.

"Through the miracles of modern technology, I was able to write with folks I’d never met and share ideas directly among our houses, across many a mile. With all that sharing flowing so nicely, we decided that since we had so many good singers amongst us, heck let's all sing one! What that brought out was a rich texture in the Heartsfield tradition, voices joined together as one, soaring to the heavens. I have always felt that the closest we get to our fans is through the human voice, so we wanted to talk to you in many ways. Sharing this spotlight with many friends, both in music and singing, was truly a rewarding experience. I consider myself lucky to have made great music with so many talented people, and the departure from a typical "band" effort was an exciting adventure I think you'll all enjoy for years to come. Here We Are.

"I’m darned grateful ... to our fans and friends who have stuck by us for so many years, making all the tough times easier, the long miles shorter, and the music have deeper meaning. See ya down the road, Here We Go." —Perry Jordan

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Track List

  • Here I Am / Daniel Myers / 3:43
  • New Orleans / Mic Fabus and Perry Jordan / 4:15
  • One Word / Jeremy Thomas, Jeremy Hearn, and Perry Jordan / 4:01
  • Music Eyes (featuring Take 6) / Perry Jordan / 6:34
  • Got To / Perry Jordan / 6:15
  • Ridin' on the Rim / Shawn Gilley / 3:21
  • Lonesome Town / Perry Jordan and Andon Davis / 4:44
  • Did You Know / Perry Jordan and Andon Davis / 4:10
  • Lost in a Daze Dream / Jim Peterik and Perry Jordan / 4:39
  • Kiss Me / Matthew Docter and Deanna McDaniel / 3:38
  • Whenever You Can / Perry Jordan and Fred Dobbs / 3:53
  • Time Stand Still / Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman / 3:48
  • I Pray / Perry Jordan / 3:43
  • Total Running Time: 56:57

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Editorial Review

Heartsfield is one of the best damn country rockin' bands to grace this country and if Here I Am doesn't prove their musical worth, nothing will. Two tracks, in fact, are straight out of the old Heartsfield mold, hitting the vocal strength of the original band in stride. "One Word" and "Did You Know" could be seamlessly placed on any one of the original lineup's four albums without the most discerning fan noticing. If that lineup had a signature, it was the four- and five-part harmony crescendos. These guys nail it on both. Those are harmonies you have to hear to appreciate, too, voices stacked upon one another in silky smooth unison.

Here I Am has many aspects of the original band and they even take it a step further, and I'm not just talking the a capella step with Take 6 on "Music Eyes." Fred Dobbs, one of the original guitarists is back for the sessions and Jim Peterik (Ides of March and Survivor) adds not only his voice and guitar but his expertise to the project. And there are others, too many to mention here. What they do is capture the Heartsfield heart, that little edge which made them a step above. Here it is in thirteen segments. Separate them if you like. Myself, I prefer to lay back with a beer and listen front-to-back. Guys (and gals), it doesn't get much better than this.

Country rock? I suppose, though I would probably call them rock country. If there was ever a band who could successfully combine the two, it was Heartsfield. When they rocked, they rocked and when they sang, it was heaven. It still is. Here they are with Here I Am, an up-to-date look toward a great band's past.

—Frank Gutch,, October 2010