Disrupting the Country

by HeartsfieldHeartsfield
Heartsfield: Disrupting the Country
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Perry Jordan and Heartsfield rock on with another album of new music.

Heartsfield's lead man and prolific songwriter Perry Jordan writes this about Disrupting the Country:

"Once decided that it was time to get our rears moving on a new recording, the first thing that usually happens is asking that pesky ole question, DAMN, WHAT SONGS!? Since “the decision” was made last year in Dec. 2006 to get ‘er done, it was time to get something to actually start tracking (recording).

"Not sure if it is a blessing or a curse but ever since, about 1969, I have had this strong addiction to writing songs, which means I usually have a backlog of tunes or ideas hiding out back in my trusty ole' tune shed. Now in this virtual shed are boxes of full songs, 1/2 done, 1/4 done, just little seeds of ideas of songs & moments that have grabbed me with enough of an inspiration to actually get my trusty recorder rollin’. I have two or three portable recorders, one of which is almost always with me. My current favorite is a lowly, low budget, horrible-sounding Olympus digital memo recorder that is used mostly for lectures, business meetings, self-dictation and things of that nature, but not intended for music at all. I love it because it’s only about 1 x 3 inches in size, works simply, is easy to carry, and is ready to go at a moment's notice--with one hand, by the way!

"All that is extremely important because in my case, ideas usually hit at very inopportune times, when getting them recorded is a challenge for sure. Yes folks, it’s moments like using the john, cutting the grass, cookin’ some grub, practicing geetar, or the ole’ 4 am thunderbolt that startles you out of a deep. deep slumber—ya just don’t know when it’s gonna hit.

"But by far the most frequent place I get my song ideas and writing done is rolling down the road in my van. Must be a hangover of all those years of having to do it that way, while we were touring 250 days a year, staring at the white lines on roads all across the country. In fact, most of the original ideas on my trusty Olympus have a chorus of 2 or 3 dogs barking in the background for just this reason; the magic road lets me connect to whatever blessed source delivers these songs to me from some mysterious part of the song universe.

"So one of the first steps is to check the tune shed for musical seeds that seems worthy to pursue and attempt to nurture into a full-grown song. Since I usually have cassettes & cd’s full of 100 or so 10 sec. to 2 min. song ideas in various stages of readiness, this can be a long task but it sure is a fun adventure. Truly is amazing that some of that stuff I saved at some point, I thought had any possibility of being interesting, good or worthy of remembering! I mean some of those 4 am gems are proof that what may seem like a diamond in the rough then, a few weeks later can become about as appealing as your neighbors' car alarm blaring at you on an extreme hangover morning! But usually I find a couple pieces that get the juices flowing, grab my attention and have me curious.

"Now comes the hardest part for me, that blank piece of paper staring back at me just a daring me to try my hand at song writing again. Imagine you're painting a picture and all that’s on your canvas is a few dabs of red here and a couple splotches of yellow there. Now the catch is, where do you go with it. That’s kinda how it is, plus for me, for many years now, when I get to this point I have a deep fear that it’s all over. I’ll never write another good tune again, the well’s dry and my creative side has done up and left 'Jordan town,' adios amigo! In fact whenever I finish a 'good song,' I am sure it was THE LAST ONE and I thank the song goddess for her kindness in allowing me to finish just one more before my maker comes a calling.

"Well, turns out 'Toast,' a song on the new CD, was one of those seeds. No words, just a groove that spoke to me, but since it had a mood I just laid down some guitar and drove around listening until the message and lyric came to me. Usually once I get one sort of done and I kill that ole’ fear that it’s all over, the gates open up and I feel that ole’ song goddess smile upon me with another blessing to let me have at it one more time. More on the particular tunes in later episodes...

"Leave ya with some recording mottos stuck up on the wall to help guide us along the long road traveled to getting ‘er done! Til next time, keep on smilin’"

Track List

  • Pain in the Cash / P. Jordan / 4:45
  • Door of Happiness / P. Jordan / 4:42
  • Sins of Mexico / P. Jordan / 5:42
  • Beep Beep Bye Bye / D. Steffan, P. Jordan / 3:33
  • Better Days / P. Jordan, F. Dobbs / 5:23
  • Have Some Fun / P. Jordan / 4:05
  • Toast / P. Jordan / 6:27
  • Got the Country / P. Jordan / 4:15
  • Playing Bars Blues / P. Jordan / 5:37
  • To See You Again / J. Finnigan, M. Finlon, J. Saunders / 4:45
  • The Deceiver (Ode to B3) / P. Jordan / 4:42
  • Troubles of the Heart / P. Jordan / 4:27
  • Total Running Time: 1:03:54

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