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Heartsfield: Collectors Item (Signature Series)
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The fourth Heartsfield album carried on the evolution in their sound as the band grew musically.

The fourth Heartsfield album carried on the evolution in their sound, and as the band grew musically, they experimented with new flavors and styles.

"I Like It A Lot," "Rock and Roll Farm," "Lost Love," and "Let The Music Play" covered the hard rocking side of the band. "Lost Love" charted on Billboard and kept the band touring extensively, opening up shows with harder rockin' bands such as the Doobie Brothers, Eric Clapton, Ted Nugent, Fleetwood Mac, and even Kiss. Lots of jammin', blazing guitars, and huge harmonies made the evolving band win over audiences of a wide variety of tastes and made them pretty darn universal.

The band had inside jokes about this record and the style variances, calling the songs by names such as "Rolling Heartsfield," "Earth, Wind, and Heartsfield," "Waylon Heartsfield," and "Skynard Heartsfield." Yee Haw!!

"All For Nothing" had a fine Texas swing feel with fiddle and pedal steel sounding like Austin, Texas. "Another Night Alone" reached into a R&B somewhat jazzy groove like Little Feat, and "Seeds Of Doubt" is a lamenting ballad drenched in emotion. On "Let The Music Play," the band returned to adding a horn section that kicked the song up a notch. "Southern Girl" was the only song Heartsfield ever recorded by an outside songwriter and is a sweet southern rock ballad.

This was the last album by all the original members so, as fate would have it, the title became prophetic. Some of the album was recorded at the legendary Wally Hieder Studios in San Fransico, where everyone from the Jefferson Airplane to the Grateful Dead recorded. The rest was recorded at the Automatt (Automated Recording Studio) in San Fran, the first fully automated studio in the country.

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